Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peeta from Catching Fire,
Prim from Mockingjay.

It was a cold winter night. People in the town have all been dying, except for Peeta's family because he won the hunger games and Quarter Quall. One day when Peeta and Prim are walking around to get to the places they need to be they both see each other. Prim needed to talk to someone and Peeta needed to tell her that he was truly sorry for what happened and he would have changed everything.
“Life has been very different without katniss in the family” Prim said.
“I am still very sorry Prim you know i tried to save her, you saw how i was after her death in the arena” Peeta says in a sad voice.
“I know Peeta, i know that you would have done anything to save her.” said Prim.
The next day Peeta could not stand it anymore. He asked to go outside so he could get some fresh air. When he got out there it was a sight no one wanted to see, it was Prim getting lifted away in a flying device. When he saw that happening he tried to go get help but he ended up getting captured along with Prim.
“I am sorry that i got you into this” Prim screamed.
“Thats okay, how did they find us all here?” Peeta yelled back at her.
“ I don't know i was playing out here with my cat and they came and then you came out here and i started to get lifted up.” Prim says in a scared voice.
They calmed down after a while, even though they still did not know where they are being taken to. It took awhile to get there so when they reached the destination they finally found out that they were in the capitol… That was the last thing they remembered before getting something stuck into their arm making them sleepy. When they woke up they found president snow starring and doing an evil smile at them.
“Why do you have us here snow? What do you want with us?” Peeta yelled.
“You want to know the real or fake reason?” Snow said with an evil smirk on his face.
“Real!” they both yelled at the same moment.
“Okay I will be nice and tell you. Prim your sister is not dead she is here with us.” Snow said.
“She is alive?” both of them said together again.
“Yes she is here in the building at this very moment. You can go find her if you want.”
“Wait what is the catch Snow? I know you way too well to know there is a catch” Peeta says with confidence.
“Fine the catch is that is you find her in a week or less you all can go back to district 13 and live a perfect life. Now good night!” Snow says.
For the next few days they both searched most of the place. But they have not had any luck and their hopes are fading fast, very fast. In what seemed like 5 hours of looking it was 5 days looking!
“We are never going to find her Peeta!! And you know it!” Prim yells in anger.
“We are going to find her Prim don’t worry just go to sleep.”
It ended up being the last day of them being able to look for her. And its 12 pm. They only have till 5pm to look for her and if they don’t they don’t go home and never see anyone again. When it was almost 5 that’s when they heard crying. They looked at each other and started screaming as loud as they could to see if she could hear them. Then that’s when they saw her it was katniss!


  1. 1.I thought this was a really good story. It had a twist, which i liked. I didn't expect Katniss to be alive. Since i've read catching fire and seen the movie, I could picture the characters and places that were described.

    2.The best discription of the setting is in the beginning when abby says "It was a cold winter night. People in the town have all been dying, except for Peeta's family because he won the hunger games and Quarter Quall" I thoguht this line was well done, because I could picture the crisp cold air and the coldness and sickness.

    3.The conversation seemed authentic, because Peeta and Prim had the correct emotion and tone in their voice that connected with the situation. Due to the fact that they are so close in relation, the emotion is anger and strong devestation.

    4.I thought this essay was perfectly fine with me. I think its Quarter Quell not Quall, but im not sure, idk. I'm probably wrong though. lol

  2. I thought this essay was pretty good. It had a different ending that surprised me basically a twist in the story.

    2. The setting was in the winter in the town. She was dispcriptive by saying the weather was cold.

    3. The dialogue expressed anger and was well described. I think she did a good job in expressing the sadness.