Thursday, January 10, 2013

Headphones and Fire

What do you really value? For me it's many, many things. But do you truly want to know or are you reading it because you were forced like most people? I will most likely never know, but you don't need to value what I say or what I value. I most likely don't value what you value or will say anyway. But go ahead and keep reading it and learn what I value and think is important to me.  

            For some reason my parents could not find out why, but I started to want these headphones really bad. Mostly because it meant I have a reason that I could ignore them and I have I reason that I did. When I get home I just want to feel the music my coach got me listening to, it's not bad music just the music has good base so it makes everything around me vibrate. And when my mom comes into my room I get scared because I can't hear her come in and I'm not paying attention to my door opening. All I remember is when I got them on Christmas Eve I was as happy as I could be because when I got home I opened them and started listening.

I love the smell of the fire. How the fire looks, how the smoke looks when going up into the air when there is a breeze. Then most of all the heat of the fire and the people I am with. We have fires with my family, my cousins, my cousin’s friends and many other people. I love it the most is the Fourth of July. Because all of my dad’s side of the family comes we have a big party with fireworks and everything then we have a huge fire. Some of my uncles play the guitar while other people sit around singing. And for me I make s’mores along with my cousins that are younger than me. So it’s always a perfect way to end even the worst of the nights.

My value and priceless moments are similar in some ways but not all. One way is that I love both, the time at the fire and my headphones very, very much. I would also never want to give them away for the world because they both also make me happy even when I am in a bad mood and don’t want to do anything. They are also similar because they give me something to do when I don’t have anyone over or I can’t go to someone’s house. But they could also get me very mad when it comes to smoke coming up and making my clothes smell. Then when my headphones don’t work or are starting to break I would get very mad because they were a lot of money and starting to break.

The headphones and sitting at the fire with my family is also very different. Some ways are that my headphones were a lot of money. While sitting at the fire with my family was not a lot of money well it was not any money at all. Also the fire brings me closer to my family in ways my headphones can’t because with my headphones I am in my room alone doing homework. Another is that I can take my headphones anywhere while I can’t take the fire and family everywhere I go.

The reasons why I value my headphones are because I have wanted them for a really long time and I finally got them. Also because they were a lot of money so it makes me want to take care of them even more then normal things I have in my life. Lastly for the headphones it’s that it makes me feel like I am ignoring the world, so like when I am mad I can put them on and I feel better. I value sitting at the fire because it gives me time to spend with my family and then other people I don’t see other than on the Fourth of July. It’s also a time where my uncle tells us where all the planets are and constellations then when the space shuttle would be going over and mostly if there would be shooting stars up in the sky.

To me value has many definitions, but the best one is that it is something you don’t would not give away even for the world. So for me the thing I value the most is spending time with my family while at the fire. Because I get to see people I don’t normally see there, then it’s just something I never want to forget doing when I am older. That is something I would love to tell people of what we used to do at the fire and all the different memories I remember from it. And how we always have fun doing everything when out there.


  1. 1- the author seems to be saying that we all value things in our lives. The author values sitting by the fire with her family.
    2- the authors prices items is her headphones and her priceless object is sitting by the fire with her family. I thought the author did good on her intro...she wrote" What do you really value? For me it's many, many things. But do you truly want to know or are you reading it because you were forced like most people? I will most likely never know, but you don't need to value what I say or what I valu3- the authors overall strength is her intro and her details of describing things like how she starts with a question to grab the reader.
    4- maybe you would like to consider adding a little more detail in some parts like in the similarities and differences if possible

  2. first off your introduction is boss.


    1) the author is trying to say that she values many things but shes also saying that most people could care less. Its what you think is important that matters.

    2)I think both items were described really well. I liked the fire one because you described how it looked and made you feel and it was really interesting to read.

    3) I think the strengths of this essay is probably the descriptions of the items:P they were well written! Also i liked how you said that fire brings you closer to your family, where headphones block them out.

    4) I dont think this needs any help it was interesting to read and i really enojed it! good jon son lol xD

  3. Nice job abby i thought it was good!